Mane Society was established in 2019 by founders and owners Kat Martinez and Lacey Weinberger. Together both Kat and Lacey’s journey into the industry began in Downtown Pleasanton, a combined of 20 years ago. Their bond is one like no other. They both began their career together and dove into the fundamentals of the industry. Being influenced by the leaders of the hair world like Bumble & Bumble and Oribe to name a few. Both worked as a team for 6 years where they implemented the salons Color and Cutting Education program for all future junior stylist. After being in a large team-based salon for more than 7 years; their journey to independence began and has continued to grow 12+ years later. Kat and Lacey’s unique experiences together have played a huge role into the stylist, salon owners, and women they have become today.  

Mane Society is cultivated by a group of passionate an progressive artists that support the same set of principles Kat and Lacey follow. We can’t wait to show support, strength, and inspiration to other fellow hairstylist  

“When you get to certain age, you gotta go gangster”
- Oribe




KAT, Co- Founder and Owner to Mane Society has been a stylist for over 12 years. She prides herself on getting to know the client on a deeper level while aiming to deliver their “dream hair.” Kat knows the industry is saturated with hairstylist and now a days everyone is a specialist; so she never takes each client that’s in her chair for granted. She knows that “coasting” in a small span of time eventually leads to complacency in her craft and there is no room for that! Education is a passion of hers and if permitted she would be in several classes each quarter; but that’s where her own little family keeps her grounded. She’s a strong headed wife, mom to a crazy little boy, and loves being surrounded by her extended family. Being an owner and hairstylist is her “ish” and wouldn’t trade it for a thing! 

Joanna has been in the industry going on 12 years, her knowledge and love for hair-color is deeply rooted! Her foundation comes from an immense amount of training with Goldwell. Joanna loves to get her hands on a rich brunette or a bright blonde. She often finds that her inspiration comes from her fellow co-workers. Seeing how they interpret their clients wants and needs to create beautiful looks pushes and excites her. Outside of the salon, you can find her at a Barre class, cooking something yummy, or spending time with her beautiful family.  

LACEY, Co-founder and Owner of Mane Society has been is the hair industry going on 12 plus years. Lacey prides herself in pampering and catering to her loyal clientele and ensuring each experience feels like the first one. Lacey’s journey into the industry began with a strong love for color and mens haircuts. She loves nothing more than creating a personalized look for each guest that fits their lifestyle.

Lacey is married and has a handsome little boy. She enjoys the occasional music festival and motorcycle rides.