We at Mane Society believe in cultivating a space that represents who we are as individuals, artists, and most importantly the people who deliver the best experience for our faithful clientele. We take pride in providing an upscale and comfortable environment for every client that walks through our doors. We respect the small amount of time they have here. Our salon is a place where you can relax and take a moment for yourself. 

Our team believes in the power of on going education and consistently strive to stay on trend. Mane Society specializes in haircuts, hair color, hair extensions, styling, and keratin treatments. We live by the creed of “Setting realistic expectations and shooting to over deliver.” Allow us to guide you through a detailed consultation to ensure which process and style is best for you. Women and Mens grooming are a staple in our salon. Finishing it with the proper style to recreate the look with the right products are all part of being educated in our chair. It’s our responsibility to show you how to do so. 




We are a proud to be an exclusive Davines salon. Davines originates from Parma, Italy and is unlike any other line around. The core of Davines is to be a Clean Sustainable Beauty Line that contributes to our hair health and reversing our carbon footprint. We know that being sulfate free and paraben free isn’t enough these days because the term “organic” is losing it creditability. Davines hand picks local ingredients from neighboring farms in Italy and then uses the process of cold pressing their organic ingredients into each product within the first 24 hours of being harvested. The creators of this special line knows and understands what it means to be true to their beliefs. Since 2006, Davines has been using solar energy to power their manufacturing plants and offices. What other company can say that?! They pride themselves on completing an emissions report every year to be able to then plant trees in order to off set the carbon footprint we leave behind. Davines = Sustainable Beauty. 


The philosophy of Mane Society can be summed up in three words; empowerment, teamwork, and education. 

We strive to uphold a heart beat in our salon that empowers others to be their best selves. We value the power of teamwork. One artist may create a superb experience but a team creates one that is extraordinary.

“To be the best for the world, creators of good life for all, through beauty, ethics and sustainability.”
- Davines

We offer a range of services at Mane Society and where it all begins is with a thorough consultation. Whether your inquiries are about color services, a new haircut, or one of our specialty services like extensions or a keratin service; we’ll make time to cover it all. We recognize that the foundation to a great working relationship is communication. Bringing in references like pictures are a perfect example to fast tracking the stylist and client in being able to find their common ground. From there we will better understand what your “dream hair” would be and the road we need to take to achieve it. We’re always excited and ready to give our professional recommendations as well. 

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